Be Support Center & Earn

Do you want to work from home and earn money? came with new office concept where you can work from home easily in your city or across the country. You can work from anywhere even if you moved from one city to another city in the country. (put T & C like dr. najeer like our fb page, share on your fb by tagging minimum 10 friend, subscribe youtube channel and press bell icon then send all these 4 screen shot to claim and activate your free offer package with coupon code. Once we get your all details then our team will verify and activate it withing 24-48 hours or soon. (in this way if a person has 200 friend and share with 10 person its those person has 200 friend then total 200*11=2200 person will see the tagged page. Also put like minimum amount that can withdrawal is Rs. 2000 (put T&C in T&C page and only put here Minimal amount withdrawal Rs. 2,000 and max 10k per month (this will help to hold money of less and high both transaction initially)

  1. Apply for virtual office support center and Earn 5% commission on total amount
  2. FREE Special Package get activated only with 1st transaction for your personal use.  (Click on FREE Special Offer to get it)
  3. 2% extra earn from 2nd transaction onward with next 4 sale each month
  4. 2% + Rs. 500 more with fifth transaction each month (if any one package sale include from premium and Gold) in a month. (Put special offer package coupon code in the package below).
  5. This is not applicable on self bought package and for each 5 sale you will get Rs. 500 extra.

* Please do not peach anything different than package details otherwise due to miss leading the buyer; the paid amount of buyer and any other losses of company will be bear from you. Also available balance will be ceased and account will be terminated permanently.

Note: Your earning will be calculated as given below. 1st to 4th transaction 2% extra and if 5th sale done then again get Rs. 500 extra bonus where you will also get 2% on 5th sale

Total Earning= 4%+2% (include 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th sale) + Rs. 500 Extra if total 5 sale done in a month.

*T&C Apply (link this with T&C page and put there t&c in details clearly.

Also put training video like how to work to earn this much amount.

Virtual Office Support Center Application Form: in this form ask user details like full name, mobile no, email id, address, upload (id proof, canceled cheque, address proof), your working way etc think and put more if any more thing required.(after application done we will provide a virtual id card with id number. Also put a Search box so and put instruction so that when user put virtual offer center number and search then its all details will come except mobile and email id, this will be for verification purpose so that no body can make face center number and do fraud with buyer.

Claim Commission Form(send this mail to account department email id): In this form ask to put: virtual office id number, invoice number of sale, total amount, user full name, user mobile no, user  email id (using virtual id will verify office and with invoice, user full name, mobile, email to verify user so that its commission can release accordingly)


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